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Welcome to Easy Flavours!!
The reason behind creating this blog is to explore, experiment and express the ideas behind cooking up tasty and easy dishes.  Got involved in cooking only after my marriage. Till then I only got to assist the people where ever I lived. Now, being a fulltime working mom to a toddler and wife to a veggy allergic hubby, (no kidding, he doesn't eat most of the veggies and greens), daughter-in-law to ever dieting In-laws, you can imagine how much time I have to cook elaborate meals for each member of the family.  Most often, I keep wondering what to cook!! I try to cook up something easy and flavourful at the same time. As I browse for new and easy recipes, I have come across some fantastic food blogs with exceptionally easy and tasty recepies on the net. I am so inspired by all the ladies and their creativity in the kitchen!!  I love to try out new recipes and flavours and the funny part is, I can never cook one dish with the same taste again. For example, Chicken Biryani is one of our favourite dishes in our family.  Every time I cook it, it has turned out differently.  So, I need to persistently record what goes into a dish and how it turns out!!

So here I am, attempting to record whats cooking in my kitchen and sharing with you some easy flavours to please the tastebuds. Hope to post some delicious recipes of my Mom, who is an excellent cook. Believe me, anything she cooks turns out so yummy.  She is also an enthusiastic cook who tries out the recipes that she sees on TV shows, where as I just watch them. :P  Special thanks to my cousin who is also an excellent cook and inspired me to bake.  Learnt some baking skills while staying with her family. Haven't been baking a lot but would love to experiment more in baking.  I have acquired a set of 6 recipe books from Sanjeev Kapoor's collection, from the Main Course to the Desserts and also some tried and tested recipes from family and friends. Hope to share them with you as I try to experiment with them.

Now, I am super excited to post my first recipe accompanied by pictures on my Easy Flavours Index. Since I love playing with colours and new found interest in food photography, I am looking forward to get some good shots of the food I am going to post on this blog.  

 I know, there is a long long way to go but Thanks to all the family, friends and super creative food bloggers for all the motivation that I needed, to put my dead creative mind to work in starting this journey!!

I am also trying to add a section called Points to Ponder after each recipe, where I would like to quote inspirational verses and promises given in the Bible and from other sources, just to motivate and encourage all the ladies to do their best !!

Comments and suggestions are most welcome!!  Hope to get feedbacks and some good kitchen tips from all the great cooks who visit my blog!!

Motto: Spread the Good Taste and Stay Healthy!! = )

Points to Ponder:

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and obey his commands.
                                                                                                                Dueteronomy 7:9 (NIV Bible)

See Whats Cooking!!


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